Sunday, April 09, 2006 

C404, The Sea Lion

"A particularly crafty sea lion is befuddling the Army Corps of Engineers, who have come to believe the 1,000-pound mammal is either from hell — or from Harvard."

" The engineers have used everything legal to get rid of him. They have installed gates and tried huge firecrackers, rockets, rubber bullets, and noises sea lions don't like.

But C404 has given them the flipper."


WaveWatch offers surf reports, surf forecasts and interactive live surf cams. Great site!


Citation Machine offers a useful web based tool. It serves as a guide to cite various resources. To use the tool, the directions state:

1. Click the type of resource you wish to cite,
2. Complete the Web form that appears with information from your resource, and
3. Click Make Citations to generate standard MLA & APA citations.

Saturday, April 08, 2006 

Cabspotting traces San Francisco's taxi cabs as they travel throughout the Bay Area using GPS technology.


Music Download Service Reviews

Techcrunch has finished part 1 (of a 2 part review) analyzing the music download services. The part 1 article relates to the pay-per-download services. It's an interesting read.



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